Fiber Cleaning

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Fiber Cleaning

Cleaning fiber optic connectors are integral to fiber optic network operation,

...and the inspection and cleaning of these connectors are critical to its reliability.

Develop a good practice of inspecting fiber optic connectors and properly clean them as a routine. Patch cables and their connectors are perhaps the most important part of the physical fiber installation, and will reward with maximizing performance.

Without a doubt, dirty connectors cause signal loss and introduces unreliability which affects performance, especially as bandwidth demands rise. Any dirt on the endface can cause damage if not removed.

Improper cleaning can also cause damage to the connector endface. No cleaning method is 100% effective. Dry-cleaning should be tried first in includes lint-free wipes, lint-free swabs, cartridge and pocket stock cleaners, or one-click pens.

When wet cleaning using isopropyl alcohol, the preferred solvent, it’s imperative that it be completely removed from the endface. It should be wiped, or separate quickly or risk leaving a residue.

Fiber optic connector cleaning process is necessary and critical. Connectors need to be cleaned and maintain to ensure optimum reliability and system performance. Proper tools and supplies are available on eFiberTools.​​​​​​​


Dirty connectors

Dirty connector end faces are one of the most common problems in an optical network. Environmental conditions such as oil, dirt, dust, or static-charged particles can cause contamination. All visible contamination should be removed from the end faces of each connector. They should also be inspected for scratches, cracks or chips, and epoxy rings, which can cause damage and air gaps at the insertion point and will require the fiber to be re-terminated.

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Fujikura One-Click Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner SC Mini

The One-Click Mini is ideal for maintaining high density networks. Using the same technology with equal performance..

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