Cleaning Kits

Cleaning Kits

Complete solutions for precision end-face fiber optic cable cleaning.

Kits with hard and soft cases available. Supports all fiber connector types in datacenter and campus environments. Contains what you need to eliminate the #1 cause of fiber optic link failure: contamination.

eFiberTools offers a complete selection of compact fiber optic cleaning kits for field cleaning of connector end-faces and splicer v-grooves. We offer pre-stocked kits with a variety of cleaning tools and can also build you custom kits to meet your specific application needs.

Dirty connectors​​​​​​​

Dirty connector end faces are one of the most common problems in an optical network. Environmental conditions such as oil, dirt, dust, or static-charged particles can cause contamination. All visible contamination should be removed from the end faces of each connector. They should also be inspected for scratches, cracks or chips, and epoxy rings, which can cause damage and air gaps at the insertion point and will require the fiber to be re-terminated.

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Sticklers (Microcare) - MCC-FK03 | Sticklers MCC-FK03 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

Sticklers MCC-FK03 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

Kit includes splice and connector cleaners, CleanWipes, CleanWipes 400, 25 Sticklers CleanWipes Singles, S25 CleanStixx,..

  • Condition: New


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