Trade your used fusion splicer for a new INNO Instrument w/3-yr Warranty. We accept trade-ins for new INNO Instrument Fusion Splicers or other Fiber Optic Equipment and supplies.

Now accepting non-working fusion splicers for $500* off of a new INNO Instrument Fiber Splicer!
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Upgrade to a New INNO Instrument Fusion Splicer

  (Includes 3-yrs Parts & Labor Warranty)

Trade a Fusion Splicer

eFiberTools is the top INNO Instrument Authorized Distributor & Service Center for all INNO products. Only eFiberTools can offer the value expected in the fiber optic/telecommunications industry.

Trade-in your working or non-working fiber fusion splicer, regardless of make or model. Trade it for a new INNO Instrument View 1 (clad-alignment), View 3 (clad-alignment)View 5 core-alignment),  View 7 (core-alignment), or View 12R ribbon mass fusion splicer.

Only eFiberTools is able to offer these deals on new INNO Instrument splicers and handles warranty repair and calibration service. We offer the most generous trade-in credits towards any new INNO fusion splicer, anywhere!

Trade an OTDR

Trade-In your OTDR for an INNO fusion splicer or for anything we sell!​​​​​​​

We can offer the same deal with your used OTDR. Most makes and models accepted and you get the same $500* off of a new INNO Instrument splicer.


* Offer excludes the INNO View 1 splicer which is $250 off the price for new.