Fiber Identifier (OFI)

Fiber Identifier (OFI)

Optical Fiber Identifiers work by creating a safe micro-bend in a live optical fiber which allows a small amount of light to escape and therefore detected by the OFL. This light is detected as network traffic, test tones or CW signals, and can indicate the direction of the signal. At any point on single mode or multimode fiber, optical traffic and measurement can be identified without interruption of the signal.

The OFI allows technicians to unambiguously identify a specific fiber and eliminates the risk of accidental disruption of service.

Optical fiber identifiers detect the presence of signals on optical fibers and noninvasive handheld devices.

The OFI is an important tool for field technicians assuring that live fibers are connected and provide the ability to trace fibers from end to end.

A fiber identifier couples light through a low insertion, loss micro-bending technique. They induce a safe micro-bend and allow a small light to escape where the OFI can detect it. OFIs eliminate the need to open the fiber allowing continued service. The small amount of light passing through the fiber cladding detects presence of network traffic, test tones or CW signals and indicate the direction of the signal

OFIs  is designed to test the type of signal being relayed or identity of the specific type of optical fiber being used. They can detect the traffic speed of an operating link, or in a 2 kHz tone injected by a test source. Optical fiber identifiers can detect various types of signals, including continuous wave, live optical transmission, and low frequency modulated tones at 270, 1000, and 2000 Hz. Some optical fiber identifiers can pick up other tones.

The fiber identifier allows a user to know whether a fiber in a cable is carrying traffic / data prior to disconnection. It produces macro bend in the cable that result in the leak out of light which is then to be detected. Since single-mode fiber are more sensitive to macro bends, the fiber identifier may not work on multi-mode fiber.

Fiber identifier has following features

  • Portable
  • AC / DC
  • Optional clamp assembly
  • Visible activity indicator
  • 2 KHz modulation identification


  • Determine active / inactive fibers.
  • Allows troubleshooting of multiple fiber strands without disrupting work.
  • Verification of color code charts.​​​​​​​

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