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Includes DLS 350/DLS 355 & RP-460-02 for 850/1300nm and 1310/1550nm Multimode and Singlemode testing.

Qualify multimode and singlemode fiber links for loss measurements. Includes DLS 350 and DLS 355 Dual lED and Dual Laser light sources and RP-460-02 optical power meter. The RP-460-02 allows absolute power or loss measurements, storgae of 1000 data points per wavelength and USB download functions. The kit also includes 2.5mm universal connector adapter for RP-460-02 and a  hard carry case. For versatility order seprately 1550nm (TP 250nm) Laser light source for complete FTTX/PON telecom testing.

Item Type Kit

DLS-350 & DLS 355 Dual Laser Light Source

Specifications DLS 350 DLS 355
Wavelength 850nm & 1300nm LED 1310nm & 1550nm Laser
Output power -20dBm Typ. -4.0 dbm Typ.
Laser Clasification N/A Class 1 (FDA 21 CFR 1040, 11)
Output Stability
+/-0.05db, one hour +/- .03db long term after 15 minute warm-up
+/-0.05db, one hour +/- .03db long term after 15 minute warm-up
Spectral Width 40nm/120nm 5nm/5nm
Optical Interface Universal Connector Universal Connector
Tone Output 2kHz 2kHz
Power on push button ON, Auto shutoff Push button on, auto shut off
Battery CR2, Optional AC power for long term CR2, Optional AC power for long term
Operating Temp -10 to 50 degrees celcius -10 to 50 degrees celcius
Storage Temp -30 to 60 degrees celcius -30 to 60 degrees celcius


RP-460-02 Optical Power Meter

Wavelength range 850 to 1625nm
Measurment Range + 3 to -60dBm
Resolution 0.01db
Absolute accuracy* +/- 0.25dB
Detector type Ge
Optical Interface Universal 2.5mm
Tone identification 2kHz Incoming signal, Audible Alert
Power on Push button ON, Auto shutoff
Storage Store up to 1000 measurements per wavelength
Data transfer Mini USB Port (1000 points/wavelength)
Dimensions 6.1 x .94 x .75 inches; 15.5 x 2.38 x 1.90 cm
Weight 3.0 oz; 8.5g

* Accuracy measured at -10dBm and 25°C, all other specifications are @ 25°C.

Warranty 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty, ODM

ODM TKMS-860 Dual 850/1300nm, Multimode, Dual 1310/1550nm, Singlemode Test Set

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