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  • ODM TTK 650 Field Inspection, Test and Cleaning Kit Loss Test Set (OLTS)
ODM's TTK-650 Kit provides all the equipment needed for inspection, cleaning, and testing fiber optic cables. Very detailed closeout reporting is given with ODM's proprietary software. Here all all the components included in the kit along with their applications/functions.
(as provided by Manufacturer)
DLS 355                                     Dual Laser Source 1310nm/1550nm SC Conn Single mode fiber light source for dB loss testing
RP 460              Power Meter w/ Zero dB/Set Ref, 1000 data point store 
& USB download
Power meter used with light source for dB loss measurement and storage, 
and USB transfer to PC for closeout documentation
VIS 400 Video Inspection Scope w/USB and InSpec™Software, 
LC, SC, 1.25mm and 2.5mm adapter tips included
Portable connector inspection device to view connector endfaces and 
ensure connectors meet IEC standard after proper cleaning
TAB 008 Dell Tablet (or equivalent)with Case and Charger Allows for touch-based fiber endface inspection with the VIS 400 HDP 
probe and inSpec application
AC 029 LC Adapter for RP460 Optical Power Meter Allows LC connection to optical power meter
AC 300 CR2 Battery Kit / 5 per pack Spare Battery Kit
AC 523 LC-clipped LC-SC, SM, 9/125 Fiber, 1 Meter Cable Fiber patch cord to allow calibration of test instruments for complete 
system dB loss test
AC 4500 SM Loopback with Lanyard Allows for calibration of equipment and test of loopback installations
VF 610 635nm Red Laser Allows user to observe bends and breaks in optical fiber
AC 602 LC-LC Adapter LC adapter to allow access to LC duplex connector on Optical Jumper 
AC 805 Micro USB Cable Stream live images of fiber endfaces from VIS 400 to Dell Tablet for 
endface inspection and closeout documentation
CK 092 SqR Pad with Fiber Wash Pen Wet/Dry cleaning system for connector endfaces
AC 089 One Click Connector Cleaner For LC connector ends and bulkheads for quick “dry” clean only
AC 015 Pelican Style Hard Carry Case Large protective carrying case for all instruments and accessories

Item Type Kit
Specification DLS 355
Wavelength 1310nm & 1550nm Laser
Output power -4.0 dbm Typ.
Laser Clasification Class 1 (FDA 21 CFR 1040, 11)
Output Stability +/-0.05db, one hour +/- .03db long term after 15 minute warm-up
Spectral Width 5nm/5nm
Optical Interface SC Connector
Tone Output 2kHz
Power on Push button on, auto shut off
Battery CR2, Optional AC power for long term
Operating Temp -10 to 50 degrees celcius
Storage Temp -30 to 60 degrees celcius

Wavelength range 850 to 1625nm
Measurment Range + 3 to -60dBm
Resolution 0.01db
Absolute accuracy* +/- 0.25dB
Detector type Ge
Optical Interface Universal 2.5mm
Tone identification 2kHz Incoming signal, Audible Alert
Power on Push button ON, Auto shutoff
Storage Store up to 1000 measurements per wavelength
Data transfer Mini USB Port (1000 points/wavelength)
Dimensions 6.1 x .94 x .75 inches; 15.5 x 2.38 x 1.90 cm
Weight 3.0 oz; 8.5g

* Accuracy measured at -10dBm and 25°C, all other specifications are @ 25°C.


Camera Megapixel-High Definition-CMOS Sensor
FOV (Field of View)

Normal Live -800 x 600µm

Enlarge - 485 x 365µm

Magnify and Center - 485 x 365µm

Resolution <1 micron
Lighting Technique Coaxial
Focus System ODM Proprietary External Focus System
Probe Output USB 2.0
PASS/FAIL analysis User - selectable or IEC 61300-3-35 software included
Size Probe - 7" x 1" x .75" (180mm x 25mm x 19mm)
Weight (probe, case and tips) 1.2lbs (.54kg)


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ODM TTK 650 Field Inspection, Test and Cleaning Kit

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