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  • ODM TTK-120 Live Fiber Trace & Tone Test Set Loss Test Set (OLTS)

Kit includes TP 220 1310nm laser source, RP 450 power meter, LFI-110 fiber identifier and travel case. Tools to identify available fibers in the F2 portion of FTTx networks.

The TK 120 Live Fiber Trace and Tone kit provides all of the necessary tools to allow the technician to identify available fibers in the F2 portion of the FTTx network. This trace technique provides identification without the disruption of existing subscribers for purposes of re-route or cutover.


  • TP 220 1310nm Laser Source
  • RP 450 Optical Power Meter
  • LFI Live Fiber Indentifier
  • Travel Case

To trace a specific fiber for cutover simply place the TP 220 into the 2kHz modulation mode. At the OLT or ONT connect the TP 220 to the designated fiber for cutover. At the distribution hub place the LFI 110 onto the RP 450. Place the fiber under test into the LFI slot and depress the trigger to look for an active channel or the fiber with 2kHz designated for cutover. When the correct fiber is traced the RP 450 will provide an audible tone identifying the fiber for cutover. The LFI 110 is designed to place a controlled loss onto the fiber to prevent an alarm condition on an active channel.

This versatile test kit also provides accurate end to end loss @ 1310nm and optical power measurements @ 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm. For active PON networks with simultaneous 1490 and 1550 downstream or 1310nm upstream signals use the optional (not included) PW 910 WaveFilter accessory. The TK 120 Trace and Tone test kit comes supplied in a field rugged hard carry case and includes a SC to SC patch cord and user instructions.

Item Type Kit

TP 220 1310nm Laser Light Source

Wavelength 1310nm laser
Output Power - 4.0 dBm typical
Output Power stability +/- .1dB
Optical Interface SC connector
Tone Output 2kHz modulation
Power On ON/OFF Pushbutton
Battery 1000 operations, 3.0V, CR2
Low Battery LED Indication
Operating Temperature - 10°C to + 55°C
Storage Temperature - 30°C to + 70°C
Weight 3.0oz (85g)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 6.10in x 0.94in x 0.75in (15.5cm x 2.38cm x 1.90cm)


RP 450-02 Optical Power Meter

Wavelength range 850nm to 1625nm
Measurement Range + 3 to -60dBm
Resolution 0.01db
Absolute accuracy* +/- 0.25dB
Detector type Ge
Optical Interface Universal 2.5mm
Tone identification 2kHz Incoming signal, Audible Alert
Power on Push button ON, Auto shutoff
Dimensions 6.1 x .94 x .75 inches; 15.5 x 2.38 x 1.90 cm
Weight 3.0 oz; 8.5g

* Accuracy measured at -10dBm and 25°C, all other specifications are @ 25°C.


LFI-110 Live Fiber Identifier with RP 460-02

(Exact specifications depend on which RP 400 series power meter is used)


Network configuration Singlemode Long Haul, CO to CO or FTTx
Core Power Measurement Range +23 to -30dBm
Induced Loss (SMF 28) <1.5db @ 1550nm
Absolute core power accuracy (SMF28e) ±2dB within measurement range
Tone Identification 2kHz Incoming signal, Audible Alert
Measurement Storage Available when used with RP 455 & RP 460
Dimensions 4.0 x 1.5 x 1.5in (10 x 1.25 x 1.25cm)
Weight 2.0 oz (6g)


Warranty 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty, ODM

ODM TTK-120 Live Fiber Trace & Tone Test Set

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