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SOC Holder for single-fiber Inno fusion splicers. The Splice-On Connector Holder plugs into the splicing section of the fusion splicer and accommodates Inno Splice-On Connectors. Simply remove the left fiber holder and replace it with this specialty SOC holder which is designed to hold Inno’s pre-terminated and pre-polished Splice-On connectors in position.

Inno’s SOC holders fit Inno brand FC, LC, SC and ST Splice-On Connectors. Fits View 7, View 5, View 3, View 1 and IFS-15H splicers.

Warranty 30-Day Warranty

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Inno Splice-On Connector Holder for Splicing, SOC Holder

  • Item ID: 254345
  • INNO Instrument
  • Brand: INNO Instrument
  • Model: FH-SOC
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: New
  • $49.99

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