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Orientek SM 500m OTDR Launch Cable Box SC

Orientek SM 500m OTDR Launch Cable Box with SC Connectors

Designed to aid in the testing of fiber optic cable when using an OTDR. The OTDR Launch Cable Box is used to help minimi..

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Orientek Visual Fault Locator, VFL 10mW for 2.5mm & 1.25mm Connectors Visual Fault Locator (VFL)

Orientek Visual Fault Locator, VFL 10mW for 2.5mm & 1.25mm Connectors

Orientek Visual Fault Locator, VFL 10mW for 2.5mm fiber optic connectors, and includes adapter for 1.25mm connectors. Ea..

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Established in 2005, OrienTek developed the first Chinese manufactured automatic Fusion Splicer in 2006. OrienTek's T-series Fusion Splicers in software and hardware has patented intellectual property rights.


Orientek Products​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Fiber Optic Test Equipment

OrienTek’s Test Equipment include optical power meters, optical light source, and visual fault locators.

OrienTek T25 AWI™ Optical Power Meter

OrienTek T25 AWI Intelligent Optical Power Meter with Six wavelength: 850~1625nm, FC/SC/ST Connector, Rechargeable Li-battery instead of dry battery. Automatic Wavelength Identification Significantly Increases Efficiency, Test Results Storage, Transfer and Post Processing with Test Results Management software.

ORIENTEK T15 Intelligent Optical Light Source

ORIENTEK T15 Intelligent Optical Light Source can provide stable output of 1-4 wavelength depending on user's requirements. It can not only provide 650nm visible red light, but also provide 1310nm and 1550nm double-wavelength laser output for single-mode optical fibre measurement, or provide laser output of four wavelengths. Wave ID information can be transmitted when used with T25 Optical.

Pocket-Size Visual Fault Locator/Fiber Break Checker

OrienTek T10 Visual Fault Locator easily isolate high losses and faults in optical fiber cables. The bright beam of 650nm or 635nm red light in a fiber allows you to see a break as a glowing or blinking red light.

Optical time-domain reflectometer(OTDR)

ORIENTEK Series OTDR's are normally used in Chinese military, now the tr600 and av6418 in china is the best quality OTDR, they are widely applied in the manufacture, construction and maintenance of optical fibers.

All-Fiber OTDR TR600

TR600 All-Fiber OTDR Combining singlemode and multimode capabilities for enterprise, campus and access networks, this model offers the 850, 1300, 1310, 1490 and 1550 nm wavelengths, with respective dynamic ranges of 23, 21, 38 and 36 dB.

AV6418 40/38dB OTDR

AV6418 OTDR with 1310/1550 nm; High dynamic range: 40/38 dB, 6.5 inch Anti-reflective TFT LCD, 1m Extra-Short Event Dead Zone.