Sell Your Surplus specializes in new fiber optic equipment and supplies, and purchases surplus and used fiber optic splicing and test equipment. We buy most makes of splicing and testing equipment, as well as excess inventory relating to the fiber optics and optical industries.


  • Fusion Splicers
  • OTDRs  & Optical Test Equipment
  • Fiber Microscopes
  • Interferometers
  • Fiber Recoaters
  • Excess Inventory: Connectivity & Infrastructure

We are interested in most fiber optic splicing equipment, optical test equipment, and new-surplus fiber optic connectivity, infrastructure, and other equipment/materials.

Here's your chance to get some of that cash back into your pocket for your optical fiber equipment that you rarely use or don't use at all. High-tech equipment depreciates quickly. Don't sit on it. It is more advantageous to sell it outright or swap it for something you can use.

Partial List of Brands & Products:

3M  OSP Enclosures, Consumables...
AFL  Enclosures, Racks, Tools, Cable, Connectors...
AFL/Noyes  Power Meters, Light Sources, OTDRs...
Agilent  OTDRs, Network Test Equipment (WireScope/FrameScope)...
American FiberTek  Video Transmission Equipment
Anritsu/Nettest  OTDRs, Test Equipment, SiteMaster...
Clauss  Hand Tools
CLETOP  Cleaning Supplies
Corning  Connectors, Fusion Splicers, Mechanical Splices, Tools...
EXFO  Test & Measurement Equipment
FiberTool  Connectors, Cleaning, Tools, Optical Test Equipment
Fitel  Fusion Splicers, Connectivity
Fluke  OTDRs, Network Test Equipment...
Fujikura  Fusion Splicers
GarrettCom  Media Converters
Great Lakes  Racks
HOFFMAN  Racks and Cable Management
IDEAL  Tools
JDSU  OTDRs, Power Meters, Light Sources, Test Equipment...
Miller  Tools
MOLEX  Connectors, Adapters...
Multilink Broadband  Enclosures
Packet Light   
Preformed Line Products  
Ruckus Wireless  Wireless equipment
Seikoh Giken  Connectors Polishers
Senko  Connectors, Adapters...
Sumitomo  Fusion Splicers, Cable, Enclosures...
Westover Scientific  fiber Microscopes
Wilcom  VFLs, Optical Fiber Identifie

Asset Recovery and Liquidation

Has your fusion splicer or optical test equipment become old or unutilized? Would you like to replace it with a new unit, or different used equipment? We have the solution for you. will buy your surplus fusion splicers, optical test equipment or excess inventory for cash, or we'll exchange your equipment for anything we sell.

We specialize in fusion splicers and OTDR's. Whether you have one item to trade, or wish to sell your entire high-tech facility we are interested. Through our sister company we buy and sell a wide range of high-tech equipment.

Contact to maximize your return or trade for anything we sell. We are always interested in good used equipment, even non-fiber optic equipment such as test equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, laboratory and other scientific instruments.


  • Include manufacturer, model numbers, options, and accessories for each item.
  • Describe known physical and working conditions of the equipment. Note any equipment that is incomplete or not functioning 100%.
  • Attach detailed photos of your equipment including ID plates if available. The more pictures the better.

Send your list to: