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Sticklers Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner – (1) 3oz canister

The Fiber Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner is a clear, colorless fluid packaged in a 3 oz./85 gram metal can. Because of the ultra-precise "metered valve" on the can, no solvent is wasted. That means there is enough liquid in the can for more than 400 cleanings, so each cleaning costs just pennies.

The Cleaning Fluid is packaged in a small metal pump spray can (not an aerosol). The can is TravelSAFE so it can be shipped without hazmat fees or paperwork. Each can is equipped with the Triton 3-way dispenser, so you can wet a wipe, dampen a CleanStixx or spray a burst of fluid, as the cleaning situation requires.

The Triton 3-way dispenser is a metered spray, providing exactly the same amount of fluid each time. There is sufficient liquid in each canister for more than 400 cleaning events.

This cleaner has been tested on a wide variety of ceramics, epoxies, glass, metals, plastics and elastomers. No compatibility problems were found.

  • A nonflammable, nonhazardous replacement for IPA Alcohol
  • Fast drying--the liquid evaporates, can't be trapped inside the connector
  • Dissipates static to make it easy to remove particulate
  • Leaves end-face electrically neutral so as to avoid attracting particulates
  • Safe on plastic, optical fiber, metals, glass and coatings
  • More than 400+ cleaning in each pocket-sized canister

Product Family: Nonflammable Liquid

Application: Cleaning of fiber optic end-faces, or for cleaning bare fiber before splicing

Appearance: Clear, Colorless Liquid

Aroma: Slight, Alcohol

Boiling Point: 54°C / 129°F

Percent Volatile: 100%; No Residues

Volume: 3 oz. / 85 g can

Actuations / Uses: 400+

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Sticklers Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner

  • $18.75

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